My Dream of Solving a Murder & How To Eliminate Threats To Safety In Real Life Relationships

28 October 2017


Murder in a dream is about the death of a relationship. One of my most re-occurring dreams is about solving murders.

Even in my real life, when I have nothing to do with solving any real murder, still the scenario pops up in my dreams where I am the Detective Inspector and I’m the one everyone is turning to in order to solve a difficult murder investigation.

Last night I dreamed I was a detective investigator getting really close to solving a murder. When I walked in a room I saw a couch and I got a flash vision of the killer having had sat on the left corner of the couch. “He’s been here,” I said. “We’re close. He’s close.”

I can see things other people can’t see. I connect the dots in ways others can’t do. I can get into the mind of a killer the way no one else can.

In these dreams, when I solve a murder and reveal to others the signs which lead us to apprehend the killer others listen to me and when they follow what I say the murderer is found and stopped.

Interestingly, in my real life, there is nothing which compares to that level of trust in my words or vision. All I can think of is that it is because in the real world people are so trained to only value the opinion of people with PhDs, or people with decades experience with one employer, or people with a Management title, or people with a lot of money or prestige, or people with a penis.

In my real life, there has been so much metaphorical murder. I suppose some would clearly see that because of my gender, my “socio-economic” status, and my marital status the cultural pressures on me to fail are astronomical. This has been especially true in the highly conservative city I lived in for the past 4 .5 years.

So what to do?

My dream tells me I’m good at solving murders and to get to it – because a killer is close by …

Here is how identify and remove really big threats to my relationships in life:

1) In my morning dreamwork/reflection I just ask myself where in my life is someone behaving in a way which has killed a relationship? In the dream they had been in the room and then left. So that means what I can reflect on is where someone has come into my space, done something hurtful, and then left.

A dozen scenarios come to mind.

2) Now I can ask myself, “Which one of these people/scenarios pose the most threat to me & Gracie?” This is harder to answer but it is really important. We are in a vulnerable position in our real lives right now and there are threats coming at us from every side. My dream is prompting me to assess the situation and really determine the worst threat.

3) After I do that, then I call to mind the positive vision I have for myself and my daughter where we are living free from threats and can really enjoy more playfulness, peace and security.

4) Then I consider what steps need to be taken to get to that place. What obstacles are there? And then I can figure out just one small thing to do today which will get us closer to our positive vision in time.

5) Then I take that step. Prepared to face the obstacles, the issues, the egos involved, the risk to my safety or others, I just take the step trusting in my Self and in my close personal relationships I just move forward in a positive direction.

This is how really big change can happen over time with just one small step daily. Anyone can do it. Any issue can be solved in this way. Any time.

What is the biggest threat to your closest relationships to those you love, perhaps your children or your spouse? What can you do today to begin to remove that threat?

Think about it. And then just do it. Today.

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