Sex in Dreams is Metaphorical and not Literal…usually

January 31, 2017

A recent dream about making love to someone, becoming pregnant with his baby, birthing our son, raising and nurturing him and enjoying lots of enjoyable family time together has me thinking about when is the right time to take a dream into the literal real world.

For eight years I’ve been working on the metaphoric meaning of dreams and paid very little attention to the literal meaning. That’s because the metaphoric meaning always comes first and what I realized a long time ago is that even if you have a great dream and the metaphor is awesome, it is often really really difficult to make it come true right away anyway.

For example, if I have a dream that I am swimming in a relaxing pool at a resort, I can’t just wake up the next day and get myself to a resort and start swimming. No. It would require booking time off, getting a flight, traveling to the location and then settling into the pool. I could then say I am literally living out the dream I had months or years ago. Most things take a lot of time to go from an imaginative image to a real image.

However, what I have learned through these years in working with the metaphors is that every once in a while there is so much positive on the inside and so much positive on the outside that it is so easy to live in the metaphor AND do the action literally too.

From what I am beginning to learn, when everything in the dream is really positive and then everything in real life opens up too, then it is like the multiplication of positive qualities or characteristics.

This is why a dream about sex is metaphorical first. Because it is about working with the qualities, growing the positives, developing character traits.

In the right time at the right place between the right people, it just may be clear that the dream showed up as a positive sign that something positive could also emerge from a relationship in the real world with this person.

I’m just at the beginning stages of working with this side of things so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on progress as it becomes more clear in time.

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