Dream: Amusement Park Ride in the Livingroom

08 September 2017

This dream has a unique symbol – an amusement park ride in the livingroom. In the past, dreams of amusement park rides have been about having a sense of fun & adventure even in somewhat negative situations and pushing my writing beyond the bounds of my comfort zone. 

To dream of this in a livingroom means I am bringing this sense of adventure into the home. It wasn’t my home so it means I already do this with others and there’s something now to apply to my own self/home.

In the dream I am visiting friends and there are a lot of people there enjoying a large potluck dinner.

After leaving the outside patio area and going back into the livingroom, I found the host of the house was sitting at his music studio area.

When I saw him, he invited me to join him in his music-making. I sat on what I thought was a chair but then when he played the music it lifted me up and I spun around the whole livingroom like it was an amusement park ride.

It spun around a few times and was really fun. I loved it!

When I got off I was in another room waiting to go outside again and getting ready to go and then a woman came over bragging about how she had helped a child but then when she turned her back the child fell down the stairs. Many adults rushed down to see if she was okay and I could just see she was laying still. It looked like she was conscious but was hard to tell the extent of her injuries.

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