Dream: Fancy Dinner in a Red Bathrobe

09 September 2017

Clothing in a dream is about roles. For me to wear a bathrobe at an elegant banquet shows that my role is unique in some ways. Bathing is about relaxation, rejuvination & cleansing. So this dream is saying I’m at my best when I’m in a relaxed state and it’s good for others too. Since it is a banquet setting it means that there is a lot of nourishment to get out of an environment when I am relaxed and playful with friends.

This is the same for everyone. When we are relaxed, calm & detached then we can be our True Selves and enjoy all aspects of life.

Here is the dream.

Last night I dreamed I was in a really fancy banquet dinner but I was wearing a red fleece bathrobe. It made no difference to me because the person I was with (W.K.) and I were having so much fun but at some point someone came over and was mocking me & my apparel.

Suddenly, I just told my friend to wait and went over to the mockingly negative person. Looking her straight in the eyes I extended my hand and I said, “Hi my name is … ” then I paused because I didn’t even want to tell her my name.

Not finishing the sentence, I just told her point-blank, “I’m a journalist and I look forward to writing all about this event.”

She must have been an investor or had ties to the event so she felt her reputation was on the line indirectly. She did what a lot of people do when I tell them I’m an investigative journalist and she just straightened her back, lowered her eyes and she mumbled, “Carry on, in a non-threatening way.”

So I returned to my friend and we continued joking and playing.


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