Some Tips For Remembering Dreams

01 September 2017

Something I found helpful when I was learning to remember my dreams is to ask myself a few questions when I first wake up. Instead of waking up and leaping out of bed, I would lay still in bed for a few minutes and just observe the nature of the images in my mind or the feelings/sensations in my body. If there was a strong emotion I would sit with it for a while and wait until more came up about what dream caused this emotion to surface.

I found thinking of a dream as a story line really helped. I’d ask myself key questions that are a part of every story.

  1. What as the setting? (Was it inside/outside? In nature? In a city, etc)
  2. Who was there? (Did I know the person? What were they wearing? What details are clear here?)
  3. What were we doing? (This is where the plot of the dream starts to emerge.)
  4. What was the main challenge/obstacle? (Every story has a challenge which comes either from a) nature b) inside the person c) from another person/group
  5. What was the outcome? How did it end?

When I asked these 5 questions I could begin to easily remember a dream nearly every time I slept.

Try it and see if it works for you too. Please let me know how it goes for you.

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