Having an Adventurous Spirit Helps

23 August 2017

Having an adventurous spirit helps to take the boredom out of every day routines. Not only that, it helps to put a firey flame to ideas and dreams.

Without an adventurous spirit, life would be bland and uneventful. The mind would be soley occupied in the hum-drum itty-bitty details surrounding meal preparation & clean-up, avoiding traffic to and from work, getting kids to extra-curricular activities and doing something somewhat relaxing at the end of the day like watching a TV show.

But WITH an adventurous spirit anything can become a game. Routine becomes meditation. Necessary tasks can become like a sport. And opportunities for exploration and inquiry are always welcome!

Having an adventurous spirit even helps when someone gives you anger, jealousy or fear. Instead of running away upset, think about getting playful & try having an adventurous spirit about it. You never know, playfulness might turn the whole thing around and an entirely new experience can open up for everyone.

Having a playful & adventurous spirit can even re-frame the mundane and make every day life fascinatingly interesting.

Go ahead. Give it a try. When you are doing a mundane, every day task today add a little Playfulness and Adventure then wait and see how different things become!! Describe your experience in the comments below.

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