Dream: Knocked Over By a Cow

In the dream, I am still married to my ex & he is telling me what to do, how to think, how to be. My mom is also hanging around likewise dictating to me how to be, how to think, what to do.

At one point, I’m walking a long distance on the grassy area beside a road. My mom is far in the distance, telling others negative things about me. She’s beside horses which are beauitful so I take out my camera to take pictures & video. The horses run forward and I record them getting really close to me.

Then a cow approahes and nearly knocks me over but I maneuver somehow to avoid him and record all the same. I stick by the cow for a while recording its antics.

In another part of the dream my ex was given something from his work to get me pregnant & he got into heated conversation about making sure he wasn’t charged twice for it.

And later my mom tricked me into putting an aquarium in her livingroom & emptying it of all water and fish. Then when it came time to take it home she wouldn’t let me. I was upset because it meant it was going to stay there.

My analysis:

These dreams are remembered states of when I wanted to go for something but others around me would hold me back in one way or another. The solution is to be in readiness to take photos & videos and to not let myself get bowled over by others.

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