Dream: Reporting on a Football Game

17 August 2017

In the dream, I was sitting in the stands of a football stadium watching a football game. It was snowy but not cold. Later, I was sitting in a classroom and told the instructor I would give a go at being a sports reporter. I told her I had no interest in it when I was in school but now I thought I could try my hand at it. A guy was sitting across the table from me and gave me a look like he thought it was a good idea & he was interested to read what I had to write. Others joined in the conversation which took on a slightly negative tone around whether or not I should write about sports.

My analysis: I know what this dream is about and it’s hard to write about it.

This dream is about the search to find meaning, significance & value in an otherwise emotionally cold & hostile environment. Cold weather in a dream is about cold-type emotions. Some relationships & environments can be void of Joy and Enthusiasm or Compassion and this shows up in a dream as cold weather. To be in a stadium in the cold and then talking about it means the issue in the dream is a cultural one. It means this issue is about how our culture has cold & heartless conditions in it and even how some people can make a sport out of hurting others.

Football can be played in the snow and no one minds. Some sports are winter sports and in that way the cold is not an issue. That seems to be what my dream is about here.

Having a dream about thinking about writing about a cold-weather sport means I am thinking about ways to express the cold parts of relationships through writing.

Since others in the dream seemed a bit negative about this it means that I am now seeing how North American culture does not like people writing so honestly about the more obviously negative side of the way things are done. People would rather tell me that my idea is no good and get me to be quiet about the whole thing rather than face the fact that their cold-hearted ways are hurtful to themselves & others.

In the past, as when I was in school for Journalism, I was vulnerable to others’ opinions and if I had an idea which others shot down then I wouldn’t go for my idea. In this way, I got caught in a trap of having good ideas but not going for them. I also got in the habit of sharing my ideas and then noticing that others would shoot down the idea in front of me but then later take the idea and run with it. Some people have made very successful lives for themselves founded on the ideas I gave them. They had the resources and support to make the ideas happen for them. Most times they seem to forget that the idea came from me in the first place. I just didn’t have the resources or support to make the good idea come to life.

I don’t mind that others have built happy lives based on ideas I gave them for overcoming obstacles or expanding on their natural gifts. In fact, it brings me a lot of Joy to see them happy and successful.

This football dream is just teaching me to be careful about expecting to get positive feedback. It’s not really necessary to have the approval of anyone, ever. Not really.

This dream is reminding me that if I want to make a sport out of writing about sports then so be it. I can just do what I want to do regardless of what others think.

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