How To Move Through Memories of the Negative Past

10 August 2017

When you want to go for something but you find  yourself creating a story about why you can’t go for it, such as “there isn’t enough time” or “there isn’t enough money” or “I couldn’t possibly do that sort of thing” then you can know for sure you are remembering a negative in the past and believing it to be true for the present or future.

To get out of this cycle, the key is to see yourself moving through the obstacle. Perhaps when you think of the limitations it feels as though you are caged in, or maybe facing an insurmountable wall, or maybe it is like a thick unpenetrable fog? Whatever the metaphor is, just imagine yourself moving through that obstacle and getting to the other side.

When you can imagine yourself moving through the metaphor of the obstacle than you can also picture yourself moving through the actual situation in real life and solutions should come to mind about what you can do with your day to move closer and closer to your goal each day.

The key is to just keep moving, just keep trying something and eventually you’ll find the key that unlocks the door for you to open to enormous possibilities & opportunities.

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