Targeting the Assassin

08 August 2017

In a physical fight as soon as a weapon is introduced, be it a gun or a knife, then it’s not not just a fight anymore ~ it’s a matter of life & death.

There is a saying in self-defense which is, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight,” and that is about having the right way to protect yourself in the right situation.

The truth of this statement is also found in dreamwork. If an assassin is trying to shoot you or someone you love in the dream, then the solution has to do with shooting back positives. If the assassin is trying to slice you in a dream, then the solution is to metaphorically slice through the obstacles positively in real life.

If an assassin shows up in your house in your dream and he has a gun and he’s targeting someone you love, better get a metaphoric gun, and shoot him down so he is disarmed and you are safe.

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