The Difference Between Being on the Defensive & Making an Attack

31 July 2017

The objective for living a Peaceful life is to avoid conflict. Sometimes there can be a person in your life, like a mother, sister or uncle who really enjoys conflict and they are always doing or saying one thing or another to get people angry. It is not easy to stay out of conflict with someone who thrives in trying to bring others into it.

However, it can be done.

The first stance to take with some big galliath like this is a defensive one, meaning get out of the conversation if you can, leave the space if you can, let go and detach from anything the person is trying to fight about.

If you can’t let go or detach from something, for example when you have had a child with the person and now you are both parenting though divorced, or if you work together and you do not want to let go of the work for some reason, then you can stay in the space but use another strategy.

The key is to stay in a positive mindset by being able to be real about the negative truth. See and hear the negatives. Notice they are there. But then change them. With the right attitude & action you can stay Enthusiastic, Determined, Confident & Courageous even when others are  dealing with their own anger, grief, jealousy or whatever.

The key is to not attack them. Just keep your mind on your own self and your own work and do not attack.

However, if they persist in their negativity then the approach changes.

If they continue their negativity for years or decades, as can happen in a family situation, then there may come a time when you must be ready to make your own attack.

This does not mean that you are negatively aggressive to hurt someone just for the sake of hurting them.

This means that there can come a time when their negativity has happened to such a degree that it is effecting your life & relationships and they are doing something which MUST be stopped.

You will hear it come to you like a silent encouragement telling you to “Go For It!” Time to strike.

So what you do when it’s time to strike is to not get into the conflict they are trying to bring you into but just stand up for your own self and advance towards the goal that you want.

You can do this in powerfully positive ways which moves you relentlessly towards your vision without even hurting or harming anyone.

Just see what it is you want for yourself. Know the strategies you can use to get it and then go positively forward in the direction of your dreams & vision.

When the negative person tries to get in the way, do not be deterred. Just move forward. Just advance. Just move.

You will find that the appearance of conflict will dissolve and the obstacles will be removed.

This is how you can move forward in a powerfully positive unstoppable way.

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