Police Dreams AKA Becoming Authority Over Own Self

November 05,2018 – My Dream About Putting my Cell Phone in Rice


Hi Richard,


I just wanted to write my dream. It’s another time travel/solving a murder dream. What makes it feel like a time traveling dream instead of just a regular dream is that when I’m approaching the person I feel like I have this long history of my Self bigger than the time and space which the person is in. So even though I’m new to the scenario the person is in, it’s not like I’m dumb-founded or confused. Instead it’s like I’m clear headed and purposeful like having a mission from the positive future that I am helping a person get to.


Anyway, in the dream, I become conscious of holding my cell phone and I am thinking that it is being traced/tracked and I am trying to decide if it is better for me to dispose of it so I”m not followed or to allow myself to be followed and then catch the bad guys when they arrive.


There’s a young woman in the apartment with me & I get the sense she’s a babysitter but not a good one. I decide to sort of use her stupidity to hide the cell phone near her while I get far away from the place, let the bad guys question her but not find the phone, and then come back for it.


So I remove the SIN card & battery and put the whole phone in a bowl of rice (huh?) and then leave it somewhere hidden close by. I give her some instructions and it seems she’s watching a young baby of a friend but it’s not Gracie.


Then I drive far away and I watch on another phone/GPS where my location is and where the bad guys location is.


I drive a long distance along the Niagara Blvd where I used to drive a lot in my 20s & early 30s to relax.


Then I notice on the map they are gone and I turn to go back. When I arrive back at the place I find the babysitter drinking the way I instructed/expected her to be and I question her about what they said and I retrieve my phone without her knowing and there the dream ends.


My Dream About an Old Cell-Phone & an Old-Friend


Hi Richard,


Yesterday’s session was great. I went through the notes before bed and reflected on what’s upcoming this week. Lots of good stuff!


Last night I dreamed of of my phone again. This time I was sitting in circle outside with friends although the only one I recognize is the girl name Heather who was the one who was there during my near-death experience. In the dream, she had an old cheap brand of phone and she noticed my iphone and asked if I like it better. I responded so quickly, “Yes!” that I noticed it surprised the others in the group. But then I just went over to her and sat beside her and started talking all about my phone and why I like it better than the others and that they are so different you can’t even compare them and I encouraged her to get one. She was listening but didn’t respond like she was convinced and maybe just would think about it.


Thank you again for the amazing work yesterday! Some exciting things are coming up for sure. 11/6/17


Great work.  You are processing well on your own.  You have taken on the authority of your self now. 11/6/17





My Dream About Someone Urinating in a Stream


In the dream last night, I was standing in a small stream and taking

video/photos. Someone stood half km away and urinated in the stream.

Them standing there sort of ruined the prestine image I had been going

for but added a bit of humour to it. Urine is about anger. So this is

about someone letting go of their anger in a relationship and my being

able to understand and process it which is what the recording was



Also I dreamed I was riding with my daughter and we saw a mother turn

a car which her son in it and the little boy was dying. Gracie and I

hugged so tightly and cried on one another. This means she and I have

the same ability to see the change and pain in others and that we can

support one another now. 11/12/17


His Dream About Having a Bowel Movement in Public


Hi Richard,

Someone new has been telling me their dreams daily. Today it was about having a bowel movement in front of others and not caring. The interesting thing about this is that yesterday when I interpreted the many negatives in the dream from the previous night I used the metaphor of taking a crap in a public space as a metaphor for negatives being on display.


The dream from yesterday night had a lot of negatives in it including the dreamer trying to do what was being asked of him and always failing or disappointing others, including giving up a career in construction and trying to catch a baseball but missing, being in a place where he was invited to but not really welcome. No one in the dream was recognizable to the dreamer so this is a cultural thing which might have to do with racism but the situations he described did really happen to him in the past. At the end of the dream he was getting ready for bed and a woman was on either side of him. He reached out to touch the girl he was attracted to then a white guy came over and took her away from him. At the end of the dream there was a flood of water in the house he was visiting.


The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I don’t know what to say as a solution to someone who has no problem with his bad stuff being in public. Is the solution that he needs to create a positive self which has more boundaries around private emotional process?


Just not sure how to offer support here but it’s the third dream in a row so I feel like there’s really something I can contribute here. Thank you. Rachel


The problem with putting your issues out there in public, even without embarrassment of shame, is that the expectation is for the culture to solve it for you which is exactly why the failures happen in the dream.  Despite the injustices to the person having the dream, the responsibility for solving his life and developing his capacities still belongs to him. God won’t let him off the hook just because he has received racial discrimination.   He still has to do his own work. It is just like you. You are not off the hook because your mom abused you. You can’t put yourself out there and expect to be taken care of. Your success is in your own hands, not the culture’s. This is not to say that discrimination does not exist and doesn’t need to be addressed.   It does, but you still have to do your own work all the time. This is such an interesting dream.  

You are always much more successful when you take personal responsibility for your own success.   At some point you have to let go of blame always even when the blame is really justifiable in a big way.  Richard 11/15/17

Please forgive me for writing twice but I just re-read what you wrote about this dream and I wanted to tell you that there were two animals in his dreams. There was a large aquarium and a woman swimming in it with a shark and an octopus. At first he was afraid of the shark harming her but then saw it had no teeth and was close to her like a pet. The octopus too was really friendly and brushed up against her cheek. He had the feeling of wanting an aquarium like she had. I think this was the woman he ended up in bed with later but couldn’t get close to because of the white man.


Richard: This means that the fear, based upon the past cultural experiences, isn’t so threatening any more.  He can take responsibility, go forward, and really positive things will happen just like you.


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