Dream: Tree in a House, Removed & Replanted

23 July 2017

In the dream, a friend was living in a huge farmhouse. A tree was growing in the back room and the landlord became upset. He removed it and then my friend re-planted another one. I was confused and asked her why because I had spoke with the landlord about helping her re-do her house. But now that she re-planted a tree it looked revengeful and he wouldn’t be so willing to help anymore.

She just shrugged and said she didn’t know.

The analysis of this dream is about remembering the importance of not seeking revenge. When someone hurts us, or when something has triggered jealousy or anger it is tempting to just act out of revenge to try to hurt or embarrass the other person. But if this negative emotion is restrained then new skills can be developed instead.

I can think of a situation recently where someone’s negative behaviour made me want to shut everything I care about down. It would have hurt me more than them but it would have been a subtle type of revenge. I didn’t realize I had an issue with that until it happened but now that I know I can guard against it and I can work through it within myself so that next time I am much more Patient and can just allow that negativity to pass while building something new and positive within myself and in my life.

Without a doubt, everyone has experienced some form of revenge in one way or another. What was something that happened to you or that you did out of anger or jealousy? Can you write about it and share it? That is one great way to release the old pattern and start a new one. I invite you to share in the comments below.

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