DreamWORK: Dealing With Jealousy

14 July 2017

I learned from a dream last night that when I feel connected and empowered I used to get a bit tripped up by others who get jealous and try to use guilt to get me to do what they want me to do which is to direct my attention towards their selves and to ignore my own.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for self-centeredness or selfishness but what I am saying is that it is important to know your own Self and to be True to it and when others try to get you to forget your own wants and needs until you feel disempowered, then there is a problem.

The big problem in close relationships is that if someone has an issue with jealousy then they might do all sorts of things to try to protect their position, in a job or a home or a board of directors for example. They fear they will be left alone so they do things out in the open and behind the scenes like back-biting and criticism to try to disempower others.

Last night’s dream showed me where this is an issue for me even though I thought I worked through most of this already. The dream also showed me where there are opportunities for a lot of positive connecting with hundreds of others but instead I choose to spend a lot of time writing.

In the dream, when I was swimming in a larger-than-Olympic swimming pool I dropped my phone. It got wet but I was cleaning it out and it was going to be alright.

A smart phone in a dream is about more than just making phone calls. It’s about taking pictures and making connections. Dropping a phone in a large pool but it still working is a good metaphor for what happens to me when someone with jealousy issues tries to trip me up.

In the dream, I was fine and the solution was to tell others about my background, about being a journalist & teacher at the same time. To talk about how this shaped how I saw the world and my part within it. In real life this isn’t something I talk about much but now I think it’s time to begin.

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