The Problem With Peace And What To Do About It

16 October 2017

If Peace is the goal then what next when it is achieved?

Three months ago I dreamed of swimming in an ocean while a huge tanker ship passed by near enough for me to feel the wake in the water but not close enough to knock me over. You can read the dream at this link.

When I wrote about the dream afterwards I didn’t have a lot to say about it and actually felt a lot of Peace. If Peace is the absence of the need to act quickly in response to someone’s negativity than that could be what I was feeling.

However, now that it’s October and I look back at that dream, I can say that an enormous life change was just days away from that dream. Less than two weeks after that ship dream I decided to move out of the home we’d loved for three years and the move was a result of a person/situation which was like a big ol’ ship threatening to knock me down and drown me.

If I would have asked more questions about the ship when it showed up in the dream might I have been able to decipher the threat sooner and choose something else besides moving? At the time, I could see no other solution. I could see no clear path. I didn’t feel unsafe. I didn’t know the big threat that was looming.

But I see it now and just find it interesting and thought I’d write to share.



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