Dream: Swimming beside a PRETTY BIG ship

13 July 2017

I’m swimming in an ocean. It’s night and I’m in great depths but it’s not cold and I’m not the least frightened. An enormous ship is a distance away from me to the right. Close enough to feel the vibrations of its engine but far enough away to not be moved by its current or wake. 

The feeling is this: I’m happy just where I am. I don’t feel like going toward the ship or away from it. I don’t have anything to go diving for. I don’t have anyone in need of rescue. I don’t want to go back to the shore and I don’t want to go in further depth.

There is someone to my right swimming. At first I thought she needed help but I see now she doesn’t. The feeling I get from her is that she is my twin, my double, like a mirror image of me. 

But there’s no threat from her nor does she need anything. So we’re just swimming.

Analysis: Okay, so this dream is neither “good” nor “bad.” This is a new one for me.

There was a lot more before and after this scene which I remembered for brief moments before I sat to write but then the images escaped me so that means there is some ego-protection going on that is just about parts of myself not wanting to remember things which are a bit painful in nature. That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s human.

So there’s slight vibrations from the BIG ship which I am picking up on. So I can work with that.

To dream of an ocean is like dreaming about a metaphor for life in general. It’s about relationships. It’s about being able to dive deeply into relationships, to dive deeply into life.

I’ve dreamed of a scene just like this before, but the big ship was sinking and I was trying to rescue people to save them from drowning. It’s a bit refreshing to be swimming in an ocean of life and not have anyone to save, not even myself. Metaphorically, it’s an emotional condition I’ve wanted to experience for a while and now here I am, experiencing it.

All I can think is to say this must be what Peace feels like.

And I really love it.

A lot.

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