An Analysis of Two Dreams With Similar Settings But Two Different Metaphors

10 July 2017

This recent dream is a good one to show how an issue appears in a dream & also how strengths appear as well.

In the happy auditorium dream, I am sitting in one of the furthermost seats from the stage and am high up looking down at the stage. People I like in the dream and who I get along well with are seated all around me but none of them are identifiable in this analysis as people I really know.

It’s clear the gathering is about getting ready to go somewhere & a woman beside me is getting ready. I’m encouraging her and we are looking forward to her travel.

In another part of the dream I watch a video which shows me with about a dozen people over the course of a day and it shows how I hold their hand, offer encouragement, over and over and over. Someone else watching the video says that what I do to help others inspires them.

This dream is almost the exact opposite of one I had a few nights ago!

A few nights ago I dreamed I was in a large auditorium/conference center and I couldn’t relate to anyone. They were all just thinking of themselves and to get away from them I went for a swim. The swim was great. Between you and me, I even breathed underwater a bit but I tried not to make a big deal of it. The feeling in the dream was of not fitting in and not going along with the general environment of competition in the conference.

What do these two very different dreams which are similar in setting tell me about myself? How can I use the positive gifts which appear in the dream to deal with real life situations?

This is a topic exploring in greater depth.

But for now I can just share that whether the environment was negative or positive I still managed quite well. My sense of stability, happiness and freedom was not determined by what others were doing or saying. When things were negative I went swimming and could breath under water. When things were positive I held people’s hands and did Reiki to uplift them from fear and offer positive encouragement.

The dreams suggest that no matter what happens in my day to day life and no matter who I’m surrounded by I am happy and content.

More on this to come!


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