Dreams are Before Time Things

Dreams show scenarios of situations which could happen in real life, negative or positive.

This message really came true for me in 2009 when I was having a lot of dreams about my life being ruined by someone and then in real life they did try to ruin my life.

Lately I’ve been having Dream after Dream of my mother going behind my back and doing suspicious things to try to make me look bad in the eyes of others.

Last night, for example I dreamed she recorded a video of herself and gracie when gracie was small and hid the camera so I didn’t know what she was doing. Later she used the video to try to make me look bad. Of course, in reality she is the one who looks bad for plotting against her daughter and granddaughter for years.

In another dream I was trying to run away and avoid her poisonous words but she kept chasing me so I turned and faced her and when she still wouldn’t stop I did self-defensive techniques until she was nearly unconscious. Even then with every ounce of her being she stood behind the opinion that I was a bad person doing her harm.

The solution to a Dream like this is to remember the spiritual principle is to show loving kindness and when that doesn’t work then one must strive to avoid conflict at all costs.

Negative and divisive behaviour is self-serving and does no one any good. Avoiding this behaviour is always best. Eventually if avoiding doesn’t work there may come a time when one has to stand up to their aggressor and make the situation stop.

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