Dreamwork: Daughter Driving a Car

21 August 2017

In the dream, I am moving out of an old, run down house and I also visit a friend who is also moving. Her house is in even worse shape than mine. The house doesn’t have working toilets, has broken floor boards, and is over-run with grit & filth. I found she has a new toilet in a closet but she won’t bring it out to install.

As I am moving, my mom seems to be going back and forth from house to house. She pretends not to have anything to do with me but in the meantime is watching & reading everything I do and write. She talks in really negative ways about me which makes it impossible to work with her or associate with her so I just keep on doing my packing & moving thing.

At one point, I bring over a pair of shoes to the friend’s house. My mom thinks what I’ve done is a lot like what I used to do when I was younger and she tells a story. She’s wrong though and I just chuckle it off.

Later in the dream, I am in the passenger seat of a car and my daughter’s biological father is driving. We discover she is driving my car and we see she turns a corner to the left but fails to come to a complete stop. We are in the Crescent Park neighbourhood where I used to live when I was 8 years old to twelve.

We decide to follow her and I decide to take notes on where she has driving infractions so I can help her improve. We talk about how she is only 12 but has the skills of a 16 year old but also how she shouldn’t be driving yet and we let her go too soon.

The dream ends with us just driving around the neighbourhood watching her car from a distance.

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