Daily Dream Journal

October 07, 2016

  • In the dream I am eating at a table with a friend & his wife. I see she has separated her noodles from the sauce or her cereal from the milk & she looks sad. So I offer her some of mine and put it on the plate in front of her. She looks happier. So I give her some more. Then she tells me she lost Chris. She repeats herself, “I lost my Chris.” I understand she lost her son and I wonder if he died or was kidnapped. She wrapped her arms around herself and rocked. I wondered what to say to make it better.
  • In another part, a man was kidnapped. He had rope around his ankles and was being dragged. There was a toilet attached to him. A small girl was watching out of the back of a camper in the yard and she saw the kidnappers. I could tell that later she would be able to identify them and help solve the murder.
  • In another part, my words were being read on the mainstream news. There was a woman reading my words on the news. She stumbled over a part and I felt bad that my grammar was not more smooth.




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