What is Dreamwork and How does it Work?

20 June 2017

In the past, situations in my family, community or the world would make me sad. I guess it’s because it seemed there was so much wrong with the world that I felt hopeless to contribute in a meaningful way. But now things are so different. I wake up every morning feeling inspired, happy, connected and motivated to continue doing what I love to do and see it makes a positive difference everywhere I go.

The key is doing daily Dreamwork. Dreamwork is about noticing a message in a dream, understanding the metaphors and then reflecting on the meaning. When we can consider how to use the metaphor of the dream in our day-to-day life we can change even the most negative of circumstances to the better.

A lot of times when people have what is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder they will have nightmares. That’s because there is a lot of negative emotion which the mind and body of the dreamer is trying to process. When the nightmare can be looked at and the positives discovered, then the person can overcome their symptoms and create a lot of positives in their life.

Anyone can do it. It doesn’t take a special gift or talent. It just takes a willingness to change, a commitment to learn, and Courage to try something new.


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