Dream: Planning to Drive Up a Steep, Icy Hill & Planning to Pray with an Elder by a Tipi

27 May 2017

  • Am at a family gathering, auntie asks me how old I am and says I’m older than him and then she realizes she doesn’t even know his age and leaves to go ask him
  • I am in an area where there are kids playing and a small tipi and kids are a bit chaotic. An Elder sits at the front of the tipi in a cross-legged prayer pose
  • I leave the room
  • Someone from the family tells me he is praying there and invites/tells me to go back
  • I am back in the room with the Elder praying and I don’t know what to do next


  • I am at the bottom of a large sky-scraper with a tall and steep driveway, covered with ice and snow
  • I am thinking I want to go up that hill but there are cars parked all the way up
  • I see a large truck maneuver down the hill on a path through the cars
  • I See I could drive my car up there
  • I hesitate because it’s steep and slippery
  • I watch several trucks go down and see it’s possible to do the same going up


  • I am driving on an road and someone infront of me has been doing drugs
  • A friend behind me is texting to watch out for him and to help him out
  • I am thinking my friend is fine at first but then I see him swerve and stuff
  • We stop at a traffic light
  • I text something like “Stop Driving. Get off the road” but I don’t send it
  • He crosses the road and has a collision on the side of the road
  • I pull over to help
  • I answer questions to other police
  • I realize when I said I saw he was having issues that the reason I was aware was the texts but I shouldn’t have been texting when driving.
  • I am lying and say I didn’t text.
  • I am realizing I have to tell them I texted because they may check my phone and I think of making a joke about the texts I did make.
  • It is true that I didn’t text AND that I did. Hard to explain though.


  • I am seeing kids getting high on some cheap drugs and I notice what they are doing but it seems harmless so I let it go.



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