Dreamwork: Positive Dream about Moving, Cleaning a Church & Growing a Tree

26 May 2017

A house is a symbol of Self in a dream. To be moving out of a house is a good metaphor IMG_1213for change within the Self.

Everything in this dream is really positive. Positive dreams just mean keep going forward doing what’s being done.

The only hint of something negative coming up is from the darkness in the basement and the boxes coming up. So this is a sign that the next stage of change has to do with uncovering some unconscious things which come from my time as a teen when I used to spend a lot of time at a friend’s home.

When I was a teen I thought they were just being friendly but when I grew up I learned that sometimes they would invite me to their home because they saw negativity in my own home and they wanted to protect me from that to some degree.

I guess it’s no secret that there were issues in my past and in the history of my family. When I was a teen I just really wanted to live somewhere else, some place where my Self was free to develop and grow. 

But now when I look back I know it was better to say in the home with my parents. In this way, I learned my own family history in a way I couldn’t have otherwise. By learning about my own family history (which became drastically fragmented during and after World War 2) I could also understand more about the history of our culture, provincially and nationally. When I consider our roots I feel so connected to this human family and to the earth.

The greatest gift I was given was the chance to live in my own home, even if there had been generations of poverty & conflict.

When I think of this dream, of someone I know now helping me to move out of a “Self” which was developed when I was a teen I feel really excited about what is to come.

The skills, knowledge, capacities of these friends in my dream are all parts of myself and things I can aspire to and develop within my own self.

The dream is signaling to me that the growth and change will require detaching and letting go of some things. That’s why it’s about moving boxes out.

Most likely, this detaching will bring up some unconscious fears but that’s okay. When we look at a fear, and face it, then we can ascertain the positive quality which can emerge in the process. We can turn fear into Courage.

Transforming the Self – that is what Dreamwork is all about.

Here is the dream:

In the dream, I am moving out of the W’s house which was their home but also my home in the dream. D.C. arrives and he helps with unpacking. A small group of us go to a church to pick up another friend and she has been working with a church group for some time. Before she went they used to argue a lot and the atmosphere was cold but after she had been there for a while, she brought out greater peace and the atmosphere warmed up. It made me smile to see that.

Then we went back to the house to continue unpacking. There were big boxes to carry out of the basement. D.C. was so encouraging and his smile lit up the room. Just a few words from him made everything seem like it would be okay.



[Editor’s Note: Update – The title of this post also mentions cleaning a church & growing a tree which I forgot to then include in the dream description. But cleaning a church is about removing ego from faith-based activities, and growing a tree is about nurturing new growth so those are two positives in the face of a move out of the house/Self.]

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