Dream: Mom Plotting Against Me – Again…

05 September 2017

In 2009, I started analyzing my dreams with the intention to transform the negatives I was encountering into positives. The focus of this work involves being able to really take a look at the metaphors in a dream, to sit with them for some time, even days, to understand the meaning and then to consider where can the meaning & message be applied to real life. 

In 2011, I started to really see how I used to let others drive my life in the direction which suited them best without giving thought to who I really was and what I really wanted. People in a position of power or authority in an organization, or a family or a faith group will often go to great lengths to do what they see as protecting their position.

In 2014, I started writing about what I was seeing and have continued this daily practice until today. When someone shows up in a dream and is doing something negative it is helpful to think of them as a metaphor and to just think of turning the volume of their voice WAY down. This is a helpful technique for real people in a personal relationship or for negative political figures or colleagues. They get a big thrill from bringing people into the “fight” and for them it can give them a rush like a drug they get addicted to. 

Now in 2017, I’ve learned how to detach from the lies and how to step outside the real or imagined conflict and how to just direct my good intentions and work in more productive ways. When one person keeps showing up in my dreams night after night it shows me there is some work to do around this issue. Since I am also having a lot of positive dreams of playfulness and joy with others it tells me that all is well and in time the source of the negative will reveal itself. In time, with attention and diligence, the negatives can be flipped to positives with the development of increased capacity and virtues.


Here is another dream of my Mom talking bad about me to others and rallying people to rise up against me stating false claims as though they were true.

This time we were at a restaurant. She invited me there as though she wanted to be nice and make amends but when others were not watching or listening she whispered cruel things in my ears and she ridiculed and harassed me. When I pushed back to create space then she taunted me and turned to others saying, “See how she pushes me away.”

The craziness of her behaviour is enough to drive anyone mad but I didn’t get mad in the dream I just left the restaurant. There were two young Asian girls outside who were very excited about the thousands of lanterns and decorations hanging from trees, creating a canopy. Their excitement brought me joy.

In another dream, there was a close and physical intimate interaction with some I care about and we ended up laughing. In dreams, physical intimacy is about merging with the qualities of another person. It is a metaphor for emotional intimacy and closeness. It’s good to have a positive dream like this because it reminds me that I can be positive no matter what others say about me or against me.


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