Dream: Bus on a Mountain

23 May 2017

The perfection of the dreamworld continues to bring me a sense of awe and gratitude. I’m amazed at the way the dreamworld can reveal such important Truths for this Day we are living in when Humanity is waking up to their gifts and advancing daily towards greater conditions of Peace. 

This dream has the metaphor of an icy mountain. It’s a fine place to be if you have skies but not so fine if you are driving a bus. Ice in a dream is about the cold which shows up in a relationship when someone is only thinking of themselves and their selfish gains. A mountain is a high piece of land which takes great determination and diligence to climb and has a wonderful view at the top. 

A bus is a way of getting to where you are going with a lot of other people. So this dream is about overcoming the conditions some people have caused with their cold-hearted behaviour and then sharing the learning with others so an inspiring view and perspective of achievement can be discerned.

chiefmountainHere is the dream: I dreamed a bus driver maneuvered us on an icy mountain slope. Later I was talking with someone about what she had done and was saying, “She is really amazing!”

Someone on the bus who was negative in real life (J.J.) asked me for help and I gave it. I told them two places where they could find a map to where they were going. They were grateful.

Analysis: To dream of this bus driver using a lot of skill to get us to safety means I can see ways now to get through challenging situations without getting harmed. Gaining the respect of someone who disrespected me in real life shows evidence of the power of the human spirit to overcome challenges and arise to a more collectively peaceful condition.


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