Miscellaneous Dream Images

  • walking for an entire day, 6am until 10pm
  • through snow, construction, under-ground, over-ground, in houses, on streets, in buildings
  • sometimes in the open, sometimes in private
  • kissed a man (age 40ish) and later his son (age 20ish) and then realized they were related – oops (ew!)
  • had to collect things at one point
  • had to drop of things at another point
  • covered tracks in the snow
  • came out of a building and realized people were respecting me, I went back in because I didn’t know what was going on
  • when I came back out I realized I had a Police officer uniform on with a vest. I was an officer that’s why people respected me. so i kept walking to where ever I wanted to go, it felt so great!
  • later, at the end, a wife was talking to a husband and they almost realized I had been in their house and i thought they might think I stole something but we joked about the footsteps & that maybe the pizza man had the wrong address and they thought ya, no big deal, and all was well.
  • at most of the dream i had someone with me who was female, equally agile & able and so I wasn’t without company the whole dream.

It is the kind of dream I used to have when I was a pre-teen and youth which made me feel so scattered & terrible.

This morning I feel like because it all worked out and because of being the police officer it means I have dealt with all these issues. at last.

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