Dreamwork: Sometimes Disaster Strikes When You Try to Clean Something Which Someone Wants to Remain a Mess – Watch Out: You are Dealing With Someone’s Ego

23 August 2017

When I was young the house I lived in was always dirty. It was cluttered and furniture was in need of repair but it was also dusty and mouldy in some places. When I was about 8 years old I started wanting to live in a clean house and I took it on myself to clean a 3-bedroom, two-story home. The other two people I lived with were busy doing other things like reading novels & playing with barbies. There was a third person I lived with and he was usually outside working on something or other. He was doing his share the best he could.

So anyway, this “cleaning” part of myself showed up in my dream last night.

In the dream, I went over to MG’s place and found it was very filthy. The grim on the floor alone made my skin crawl and there was dust & dirt everywhere! At first I started to clean it myself but then I realized since she made the mess she should also help me to clean it.

But when I tried to talk about it with her she ran to the washroom, locked the door and told me she wanted privacy. After some time I just talked through the door telling her we should have a family meeting to discuss & plan some cleaning for the house. She didn’t want that.

So I went to my room and started cleaning.

Then she came out of the bathroom but was angry & embarrassed. She was behaving in a way to tease me, mock me, harm me and make me feel upset so I decided to leave. I could tell what she wanted was for me to leave and a part of me wished I could figure out how to stay and help but the hurtful words were too hurtful. I had to go.

When she saw me getting ready to leave she looked happy.

She had pushed me away and out and that meant she could keep her messy house.

I was okay with leaving. Afterall, it wasn’t even my mess to clean. My intention had been just to help.

My analysis of this dream is that it is showing me how ego works and that now I can see the extent to which other people go to in order to protect their own selves. Even if their “self” is messy & cluttered, it’s like they fall in love with the mess and they want to keep it that way.

The dream shows me there is a part of myself which loves to clean ego messes. That’s why I didn’t judge the dirty & grime and stepped in to help make it better. I’d likely make a really good PSW in real life with these types of skills.

In real life, there is a situation where someone invited me close to themselves and then got embarrassed and angry when I got a bit too close to their “inner & outer” MESS. What they don’t know is that I don’t judge and I wish them no ill-will. I truly do love cleaning houses. And I truly do love working with people to clean their inner ego messes.

In time, this will become more clear. The dream helps me to understand the process and helps me have some patience as I go through the work.

Dealing With Embarrassment

22 August 2017

When I was doing dreamwork today I learned from a dream that because I can easily deal with a high degree of what could potentially be embarrassing, I end up getting myself into unusual and somewhat unpredictable situations.

The key to dealing with a high degree of what could potentially be embarrassing is to remember that a lot of what we consider embarrassing in one culture is normal and common in another culture. It is only social conditioning which leads us to consider one thing or another embarrassing.

Having a healthy sense of shame is good of course and it keeps us within bounds of moral integrity.

But it’s good to have some caution around this to be sure that fear of being embarrassed is not stopping progress or development. Sometimes in order to greatly grow there is a degree of risk involved and the potential of being embarrassed must be faced.

When someone challenges their limits and is willing to risk being mocked or ridiculed then they can also discover that they have a lot to offer the world and can uplift others in a variety of ways. Instead of being mocked or ridiculed, they can be respected and applauded.

We never truly know the outcome of our actions. All we can do is try and see how far the act of trying can get us. Facing the fear of embarrassment is just one of the many ways to develop this skill and keep growing increasing degrees of capacity!

Talking about Bathrooms as Symbols

When I think about the dozens of bathroom dreams I’ve had over the years, most of them nightmarish, I realize there’s enough content for an entire book there.

But who would read a book called “Secrets of the Bathroom as a Symbol”? LOL. Or better yet – “101 Bathroom Secrets Reveals in Dreams.” Or maybe “Know your bathroom; know yourself!” LOLOL.

I don’t know what I’d call it but what I’d say is that the dreams I have of bathrooms may have contributed more than any other room in the house to my own awakening to myself, to my own empowerment, even to a sense of enlightenment (I dare to say).

At last, mostly because of a dream I  had about a washroom last night, I am ready to at least begin containing these dreams in an orderly way, and yes, there is likely an e-book to emerge here.

Before I write more about what is happening in my bathroom dreams, I want to write about the important symbolism.

  1. House as a symbol
  2. Rooms in the house
  3. Bathroom Specifically
  4. Urine & Anger
  5. Bowel Movements & Embarrassment
  6. Types of Bathroom Dreams
  7. Solutions for Bathroom Dreams
  8. Implementing Solutions
  9. Sustaining Growth in the Face of difficulties