Dream: Found Keys & Going on a Journey With Friends

07 July 2017

Dreamwork is about noticing dreams, recording them, and seeking to understand the metaphors. Once the metaphors are understood then the emotions in the dream can be understood better too. These emotions which show up in the dream are also showing up in real life, or if they haven’t yet they soon will. When we understand the messages of the dreams and can flip the negatives to positive then we can better handle any situation which arises in real life. This work takes what people think of as Dream Interpretation to a deeper level and allows for the growth of amazing gifts, skills and capacities which can completely transform the life of the individual and those they are close with!

In a recent dream, I had lost my car keys and was looking in many places for them. Finally I found them in a really simple place at the bottom of a bag. I held them side by side with the other ones and said to a friend, “Look! I found them! I found them!”

Losing car keys in a dream is about losing the “key” to get the engine running in the direction you want to go in. Admittedly, when I woke up to dreams with my keys missing I became really nervous. Finding the keys in a dream is the best thing that could have happened in a dream right now. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.

In the dream there were also two friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and I was traveling with them to a beautiful city (in my car!). Thinking of these friends also makes me really happy.

Happy dreams full of Joy, Playfulness & Adventerous Spirit are great reminders of accomplishments already achieved and they are like a road map for where to go next. It’s good to remember the positives often so that when negatives come up then gifts, skills & capacities can be used to get through whatever challenges arise.


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