Talking about Bathrooms as Symbols

When I think about the dozens of bathroom dreams I’ve had over the years, most of them nightmarish, I realize there’s enough content for an entire book there.

But who would read a book called “Secrets of the Bathroom as a Symbol”? LOL. Or better yet – “101 Bathroom Secrets Reveals in Dreams.” Or maybe “Know your bathroom; know yourself!” LOLOL.

I don’t know what I’d call it but what I’d say is that the dreams I have of bathrooms may have contributed more than any other room in the house to my own awakening to myself, to my own empowerment, even to a sense of enlightenment (I dare to say).

At last, mostly because of a dream I  had about a washroom last night, I am ready to at least begin containing these dreams in an orderly way, and yes, there is likely an e-book to emerge here.

Before I write more about what is happening in my bathroom dreams, I want to write about the important symbolism.

  1. House as a symbol
  2. Rooms in the house
  3. Bathroom Specifically
  4. Urine & Anger
  5. Bowel Movements & Embarrassment
  6. Types of Bathroom Dreams
  7. Solutions for Bathroom Dreams
  8. Implementing Solutions
  9. Sustaining Growth in the Face of difficulties


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