How Can Parents Use Dreams To Help Their Children Unlock Their True Selves

21 August 2017

Whether the dream comes from the child or from the parent about the child, there is some work a parent can do to resolve their  own issues so they can help the child thrive.

  1. When a child tells a parent a dream, the parent can consider – what is the biggest obstacle for the child in the dream and is the situation showing the child in a negative way (not dealing well with the obstacle) or in a positive way (dealing well and demonstrating strength in this area).
  2. Areas of weakness or great challenge can be developed & supported with a lot of encouragement, reassurance & nuturing while areas of strength can be increased by finding opportunities for these strengths to be utilized in day-to-day life.

This is enough to get you started.

When the child is in a parent’s dream the same question about challenges applies but now the parent can take initiative to heal his own weakness and to develop his areas of strength. When a parent deals with their issues then the child is more free to mature without learning/inheriting these issues from the parent.

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