(E-book) Dream:Toilet

One of the funniest things about dreamwork is that some of the MOST important dream symbols and the ones we should talk about the most are the very things we talk SO LITTLE about in our culture – bathrooms/using the toilet, physical intimacy & the act of conceiving life, the uplifting effects of drugs & alcohol.

I guess we don’t talk openly about these things because of fear of embarrassment or whatever. I don’t know but in dreamwork none of these topics can be neglected and in fact, dreams about these things reveal some of the most important messages imaginable.

Here is an example of one:

  • in the dream I am looking for a washroom in a public place
  • i find one but inside I discover each toilet has something wrong with it
  • finally i find one that is just a hole in the ground
  • i use it and as i do i think “I should have gone to a different washroom.”
  • then I think, “uh oh! what has happened that I am not just accepting where I am” and I tell myself I don’t want anything different than what is.”


Urinating in a dream is about releasing anger. A bowel movement is about releasing a host of negative emotions.

The condition of the washroom and what happens when trying to use it can reveal SO much about a dreamer’s inner emotional state and how they deal with negative emotions.

This dream shows me looking for good-functioning toilets and not being able to find one.

This means that I have a hard time finding an appropriate way to express all aspects of my emotional self in public and that’s because of our culture’s limitations when it comes to perception of women, among other things.

The dream reminds me the key is not to get angry but to just have acceptance. So that is a good lesson to remember.

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