Dream: Predicting the Wind

In the dream, I’m sitting a blanket and someone in a group is asking me questions. When I reply, I know all the answers. He says I know things and says to the group maybe I’m physic. In the dream, I think I am physic so I decide to keep answering with my intuition and the group continues to be astonished that I’m answering questions which I couldn’t know otherwise. For example, someone in the audience pats circles on her stomach and then he asks me what she is doing. Without seeing her I describe the motion. The correct response stuns the audience and I decide it’s okay to let them see that I can do this.

Then the blanket comes off me and I’m standing in a circle in their midst. A small breeze starts and I begin talking about a a windstorm. They don’t feel it but then as it picks up they see what I was talking about and I hold the blanket in my arms and let the wind carry it out like a big thunder bird.

I just talk louder and happier in the wind and they are rustling around to straighten their hair and laughing and stuff.

My analysis: This is a pretty neat dream. It has some great metaphors & when we study the metaphors of a dream then we can come to understand some inner strengths and realize opportunities to use them.

Sitting on a blanket and then wrapping it around me and letting the wind wave through it is a good metaphor for me because in the past I used to dream about blankets and they were a symbol for how I would try to protect myself from people who were unkind to me. So to be sitting on a blanket with friends is a sign that I have let go of some old patterns of protection and am now able be warm and hospitable in ways I couldn’t before.

So in this dream, I have the gift of being psychic.

I’m going to write more about this dream soon but for now it’s good to share this and to think about what is the metaphor for being psychic?

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