Dream about Dufferin Islands


Striving for Unity

I had a dream many years ago when I was using a lot of will power to make positive changes in my life.

In the dream, I am standing in a special location in nature, one that had a lot of positive memories for me as a child and for others who were close to me growing up. It was in nature, near a little river, lots of trees and foot paths.

In real life I grew up in a home where the others living there were not able to see my True Self or help me to bring it out, just because of their own past histories, etc. So the feeling I often had was like being oppressed, not able to be the “real” me because I was always feeling like I was defending myself. Anyway, in the dream, I am standing there and someone who was oppressive to me in childhood approached and this person behaves like he is possessed. Then there is this Holy Man (Baha’u’llah) who appears beside us and He also signals to hold hands in a circle. But He shows me this way to cross my hands over my torso and asked the possessed man to do the same, which he does too. Then the Holy Man holds His arms in the regular way to hold our hands in a circle. And my feeling when waking was that there could be unity in the spirit even if there couldn’t be unity in the physical world. At the time before this dream, I had been making choices which would have led me down the path to be an adult like the possessed person and the dream interrupted that and showed me that by being more like the Holy Man (by following divine laws that govern the whole universe which are based on Love and apply to every religion and spiritual tradition) that I could be loving, compassionate, courageous, truthful, enthusiastic and lead a different life altogether, one that would honour and support my True Self, so that I didn’t feel oppressed anymore.

Someone wrote a dream at Dreams For Peace that is very similar to this dream, so much so that I am writing Richard’s interpretation here and a link to his website where the other dreamer’s dream can be found.

Richard wrote:

Possession in the dream world or in real life means that one is caught in the holds of their own ego. It is so strong that it is like another being inside of them. Priests try to get the ego to leave the person, but the real job is to unblock the positive self that the possession is holding down.

Holding hands in a circle is a symbol of being united which is what the possessed girl really wants to feel, but is held back by the ego that is so strong in her. When you realize how powerful unity is, you will see that it can undo possessed egos.

Dream # 450 http://dreamsforpeace.wordpress.com/free-dream-interpretation/

This dream I had long before I met Richard but the message he conveys is the same that I intuitively felt at the time. I called this dream image to mind whenever the path before me became very difficult and others around me seemed not to understand why I was making the choices I was making. It was never my intention to place blame on anyone or to find fault anywhere. I take full responsibility for my actions, my thoughts, my feelings and my life. This dream was another example to me that I was called to do something greater than what simple options were available to me at the time.

This dream was one of the inspirations which assisted me in giving up drinking, separating myself from a physically violent man, and choosing to go back to school. Without this dream, and others like it, I would have stayed drunk, been physically abused, had children out of wedlock, been uneducated and just “become another statistic” of women who fall into this path because there are so few options or opportunities available to them.

This dream supported my decision to become clean and sober, to leave physically abusive men behind me, never to return, and to gain an education which would move me towards the direction of living out my full potential in this life. I am grateful for this dream and for the interpretation Richard gave years later which applies just as much today as it did many years ago.

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