How To Deal With the Fear of Falling out of Grace

IMG_1149 11 August 2017

As I was working through an issue which showed up in my dream this week, I realized I have a fear of falling out of Grace & Bounty. It seems to come from having been abandoned in my childhood by people who I trusted & then again in my young adult years by someone close to me. It’s natural that after having been abandoned before in painful ways that I would fear it happening again.

The key to working through this type of fear, whether it stems from fear of abandonment from parents, or a spouse or an employer, is to hold a positive vision of where your life is going and hang onto that vision no matter what happens in life.

A few days after having a dream about being caught up in a current which was leading to a Huge waterfall, then I had a dream about being caught in a current which was just a natural flow in a lake. In the first dream, there was just FEAR and all I could do was scramble to the river bank to get out, even if it meant leaving a loved one behind. But in the second dream, the current was taking me deeper out into a lake and I had very little fear except for the speed with which the water was taking me. When others were entering the lake, I wanted to caution them strongly but I knew it wasn’t life or death.

So the key to transforming this fear is to be like a positive current in my life flowing out into a lake with others I care about. When I look at it that way, I can see lots of ways which I can move forward quickly and with force but yet with a flow and Grace at the same time.

So this is how I can take what was a fear of abandonment and turn it into an opportunity to become even closer to those I care about and take our relationship to an even greater depth than it was before.

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