Dream: Solving a Crime

30 May 2017

In the dream, I was solving a crime.

Now that I’m awake the details are not entirely clear.

In the dream I was asking questions and interviewing people about a crime.

I was figuring it out. It felt great.

But now that I’m awake the details aren’t entirely clear.


A crime in a dream is an injustice. Someone violating the rights of someone else. It’s a breaking apart of the natural order of things. It must be the epitome of acting from a place of fear. What I mean is, it seems to me that a criminal act is the result of an individual who has a tremendous amount of fear acting in the world. Complex crimes require a coordinated effort between people who are operating from a place of having a lot of fear.

The only way a complex crime works is to have someone with a lot of fear, collaborating with others who have a lot of fear, working towards a materialistic aim. Whether it’s power or money, the lure is too tempting and the fear too intense. There must always be a voice telling them to stop. The natural voice of conscious but that voice can be silenced in many ways and then the criminal is free to do as they wish without conscious.

So if fear and materialism, the search for power and money, is at the heart of any crime then the sol20161215_094334ution to crime is Courage and Detachment. The specifics of how it applies in any given situation is unique to the individual but the general application is the same. Courage and Determination break through the illusion of power founded on material gains and these two qualities establish a condition of true empowerment for an individual.

These are just some thoughts about crime that came to mind when I was doing some dreamwork this morning. Thought I’d share.

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