The Joy of Dreamwork – A Reflective Note of Gratitude

14 May 2017

Before I started doing Dreamwork with the aim to understand the root cause of my biggest fears and how they were stopping me from living my life to the fullest, I used to live in the shadow of my True Self.

Within my Self I always had a Strong sense of Joy and Enthusiasm. I had a feeling of Joy which was not attached to anything in this physical world. At times, I was not “happy,” for sure, and I struggled to understand what was being asked of me and I struggled to participate in day-to-day life sometimes. But I always had this strong sense of Joy, like how a Dolphin is.


What I didn’t realize at the time, when I was in college, university, or when I became a young mother, is that my gift for finding the positives and my continuous stream of Joy, was unique and some even called it remarkable. It took me nearly a decade to understand. The process was documented in a book with 1008 Dreams, Interpretations and Solutions and will be published widely one day.

What I didn’t realize until about 8 years into the work is that I had absorbed so much negativity in my childhood and adolescence that there was hardly much of my True Self left anymore. If we think of our True Self as being the part of us which is capable for being Enthusiastic, Determined, Confident, Strong, and Peaceful and we think of those other emotions which prevent us from demonstrating these qualities, such as fear, anger, jealousy, envy, sorrow/grief, then we can think of it like I had learned to be filled with these negative emotions and it tipped the scale, making it difficult to experience an abundance of the positives.

But then, little by little, day by day, but naming, understanding and detaching from the negatives I began to really change and transform. Anyone watching could see the change. Without a doubt. I was no longer willing to tolerate things which I had before and I also became a lot more determined to achieve my goals and positive vision for my life and the lives of those I love.

Today I am feeling really grateful for having the opportunity to learn from a master of this work. I write this post with Love and Gratitude for all he is, all he has accomplished. I owe every happiness I experience to him and am indebted to his Generosity for a lifetime.

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