Facing an Armed Gunman in Dreams & in Real Life

27 July 2017

In self-defense, as soon as there is a weapon involved then the fight is life or death. Everything changes. If it’s a gun, a knife or a sword, it doesn’t matter. The weapon can kill and so the nature of the fight changes immediately.

A gun is a weapon that fires bullets at short or long range so in a dream a gun is a metaphor for the way people shoot out negativity to harm someone. To have a gunman in a house is like a symbol for how negativity can affect someone’s self and cause harm to their true self.

In a dream recently, a large man was pointing a gun at my daughter. In the dream I froze but in real life I wouldn’t.

The first thing to do is to get the gun out of the gunman’s hand. In this case, if the situation were real life I could lunge at him and snap the gun out of his hand quickly.

But in a dream the gun is a metaphor for negative words. So the solution is more about the metaphor of disarming negative words than about actual martial arts-style gun work.

If I were to think of this dream as a metaphor for someone negative being really close to my daughter and pouring out enough negativity to kill her then I can remember that the solution to a negative dream is the positive opposite.

If the threat to Gracie is someone standing really close and threatening to shoot her with a gun then the solution is for me to be really close to Gracie and give her positive and direct encouragement to uplift her.

The fact that in the dream I didn’t just knock down the gunman means that I have some fears, reservations & hesitations about getting the gunman out of our house. It likely has to do with my own memories of being shot down in the past, especially when I wanted rest & relaxation.

The other thing about dreaming of my own daughter means that I can think of her as myself at age 12 and do some work on memories of my own experience at that time. And I can also think of it as her and considering how can I as her mom give her the most positive & uplifting environment possible.

These are some questions I’m sitting with today & reflecting on.

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