Hwy, Boarder Patrol & Tattoo: One Thing Does Not Have To Lead To Another, and other dreamwork tidbits

11 May 2017

A highway is a good metaphor for getting somewhere. To dream of a barrier or block in the highway is a pretty good symbol for the things which we do to ourselves which stand in the way to our progress and growth.

Last night in my dream about driving on a highway when I saw the block I didn’t want to get deterred by it so I kept going but as I got closer I realized there were armed police men and military at a border-crossing. They got me out of the car and started asking questions. I was so confused by what they were doing and what they wanted that I couldn’t answer a simple question like, “When were you married?”

After fumbling around for answers they decided to tattoo me with a symbol that marked me as being unable to travel into the USA. I tried to resist saying my daughter is part American but they said they didn’t care.

And then closed the file on me, and pinned me down and gave me a needle & a tattoo. Then they let me drive away.

I could feel the pain on my arm but didn’t want to look down and see what they had done.

It was upsetting.

In real life, my car seat belt stopped working last night and when I brought it in today to have it repaired the Ford Service Man showed me damage on the front end of my car. I was shocked!

I’m always so careful about where I park but clearly someone had backed out beside me and knicked the car. There’s no dent but good scrapes and it will be in need of repair.

The feeling I have today, now that I have a rental truck and my car in the shop and the need to go to the Police Reporting Center and file Insurnance blah-ti-blah-blah is the same as if I was stopped by police on a highway.

I want to move forward and this big obstacle came in my way.

But I’m taking positive action so that things can be straightened out as soon as possible. That’s all I can do.

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