Becoming Your New Self


24 July 2017

I don’t want to over-complicate this even though it is a complex idea. But I want to write about how change and transformation out of the old and into the new can be really positive and empowering.

The goal of all life is to change and grow. That is evident in the world of nature when we see plants growing & reaching for the sun. We see it in animals because they have all the qualities of the plant kingdom but they also have use of the 5 senses and this allows them to interact to an even higher degree. Animals can learn skills and develop capacities with training. Humans have the ability to grow, and the ability to learn AND the ability to grasp abstract concepts which is a skill unknown to animals.

Plants & animals physically “grow” but humans grow in other ways – they grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. When looking at a person’s physical self there can be an appearance of no change but there may have been a complete revolution of change within them. They may think differently, speak differently & act differently. They may be an entirely different person even while they appear to look the same on the outside.

So how does this change take place?

The first experience of Self comes in childhood, is further developed in adolescence and then expanded on in adulthood.

When we as adults come to understand limitations of our upbringing, our schooling, or our culture then we can consciously choose to overcome those limitations by learning new skills, practicing our natural talents and uplifting others. In this way, we develop a new Self.

It is helpful to think of human beings as having two natures. One is an animal nature, or lower nature which has a lot of somewhat negative emotions such as anger, fear, revenge & jealousy and the other is a Higher nature which is where Love, Courage, Patience, Inclusion and Determination are found.

As we face the challenges and obstacles in life we can raise above the lower and develop the Higher.

With persistence and commitment, there can be so much change so that it is as though a NEW SELF has been developed which is free from the limitations of the “old self”.

This is the way we grow & develop as adults into our Higher Self. First by identifying the negatives, working through them to develop new skills, and then flipping those negatives to the positive opposite so that a whole new Self can be experienced.



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