Why Revenge is SO Damaging & More …

23 July 2017

Every day I see or hear people taking actions or speaking out in ways which indicates they are seeking revenge. I don’t know why they do this because revenge never works. It seems like the oldest trick in the book; You hurt me so I’ll hurt you back. No one ever gets anywhere with this mentality.

A new and better way of dealing with negativity is to have the attitude that it is best to try not to take offense. If someone says or does something inappropriate and you can not take offense about it then you are one step ahead.

Instead of taking offense, see that the person has an issue in some regards. You can ask yourself, “What is it that lead them to say or act in this way? … What is their fear or issue?” If you know them at all you may be able to guess why they behaved in that way and then instead of seeking revenge you can seek to help.

In this way, positive relationships can really grow and a new self can really expand into brand new areas.

Why don’t you give it a try today. See how it goes and leave a comment here sharing your experience.

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