Dream: High Balcony & Analysis

03 May 2017

In the dream, I am on a high balcony in a tall skyscraper.

To be in a high place in a dream is a sign of being able to “take the high ground” in a challenging situation. Since this high ground was a building, and not a mountain, or something like that then it is a metaphor for business & trade since a skycraper like this is usually found in downtown areas and houses office space.

This dream made me smile because it came just days after I had lost my management position at a mall as a result of a corporate head-office decision to close real-life stores and direct more of their business online.

Normally this kind of situation would trigger a huge degree of fear, anger, and confusion as to what to do next to generate cash flow. But this dream indicated that “everything is going to be alright” because I have the ability, skills & capacity to rise above the challenge now.



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