Dream: A Huge Bus-Like Jet Ski, Disposing of a Bag of Poop, and More…

02 May 2017

In the dream, I am at the ocean. I’m with a large group of people who all get on this massive water vehicle. It’s as long as an ocean-liner but designed like a jet ski. It’s like a bus-sized Sea-doo. It goes really fast and bends in the waves. Everyone seems to be having a really good time.

I just watch, contemplating getting aboard, but I have a sense that I run it as the owner & operator and I wouldn’t have to wait in line.

In another part of the dream, someone I was with at the ocean front brought her 3 children to my home and when she saw my neighbouhood she turned and went to leave. She said it wasn’t what she was expecting. I told her I live in this area on purpose and she understood.

Later, I was upstairs in my home and I was using an odd-type of toilet. The way it worked is that the bowel movement came out into the bowl which had a plastic bag in it and when you were done you just wrapped up the bag and disposed of it. As I was doing this there were two others watching. They thought I had a pretty neat toilet.

There was some exchange between people from the ocean and into our apartment and then also to this enormous convention center. I was checking out the rooms to make sure everything was going as planned and it was all good.

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