Dream: Visiting my Grand-father’s House

01 May 2017

In the dream, I traveled some distance down a long road and then arrived at the home that my Grand-father built in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

When I arrived I saw it was renovated and I also saw that the road that I was on led right to his house and no other location.

Gracie and I knocked on the door and the owner, who had dark-skin, a warm smile and was 30 opened the door and invited us in.

She was hosting a few friends and welcomed us in. I sat on a couch and described the way the house used to look, at first talking to Gracie and then the host. She listened more than I expected so I continued. The more I looked around at how the house was the more I was forgetting how it used to look and I didn’t want to forget that.

I told her, “He was the first person in the family who demonstrated Love to me. He was, for a time, my favourite people on earth. For those short years when I helped him and his wife I experienced “family” for the first time.” And then the emotion started to well up in my chest and I started to cry.

The tears flowed like a river and I couldn’t stop. I told her and Gracie I just missed him so very much. They were really sympathetic.

Then it was time to leave and I said good bye to the host and the house. Gracie and I carried on.

In another dream, I was looking at a garden. A gate had opened in between two garden plots and I planted a large tree there, with blossoms. For a moment I wondered if the tree was rooted or if it was just a stick but it had blossoms so I could tell it was alive.


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