Dealing With Death in Real Life or a Dream

16 July 2017

First I’m going to say something about death which may irritate people to the degree they will close this screen and try to forget everything they ever read that I wrote. What I’m going to say next challenges everything about our common cultural beliefs around death. The only way to understand the statement I’m going to make is to listen to it with your inner ear. To see it with your inner eye.

Death is an illusion.

Death is an illusion.

If you are still with me, here is the explanation that you’re looking for.

If you think of death as an illusion it will help make life make a lot more sense.

For the person experiencing the death it is just a transition, from one state of being to another. The only way this concept makes sense is if you think of the soul of a human being as having energy, the way Einstein describes it, and then remembering that energy is eternal. The soul is energy. Energy is eternal. So the soul is energy which is eternal. That’s one way to think of it.

When the soul passes out of this world and goes to the next, it keeps its memories and is conscious of its individual nature; the soul is conscious of its Self.

It occurred to me recently that if the soul retains its memories in the next world and if it is conscious of its own Self then the first biggest challenge the Soul would have to face is to acknowledge it had died. In order to continue progressing in the next world, it would need to realize it was living in the “next world” and it would need to then remember its own death.

Do you follow me?

If a soul was just existing in its own memories, conscious of itself but not growing, it could likely remain unconscious of its true state of being, if it did not remember that it had died.

In order to remember that it had died but also acknowledge it was still alive & conscious enough to have the realization that it was still alive even though it died, in order for this to happen, then the illusion of death would need to be comprehended.

The myth is that death is final. If a person believes that there is nothing more to “life” than what is experienced through the physical senses then when the physical senses stop operating because the physical body has died, then their soul will have a lot of trouble progressing and growing in the next world. It’ll be like it was handicapped in some way.

But if the truth of death is understood, then the illusion of death is realized and the soul can be free as it wishes.

That is why it has been said that Death is a Messenger of Joy. Death allows the Soul to transcend this limited physical realm and join with the Universal non-physical realm.

The grief of death is just experienced by those who are experiencing life through their senses and because they can’t hear or see the person anymore they feel loss. But if the hearts are connected and the souls bonded then even after a person dies, then the one still living on the physical realm can actually feel the Joy too.

The myth of death is that it should be sorrowful. The illusion of death is that is it final. The truth is that the experience of so-called-death is not at all final. And for that reason, it also does not need sorrowful but can be filled with Joy.



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