Dream: A CAS worker is my Friend

28 April 2017

In the dream, someone knocks on my door and it’s a friend. When she comes in I remember that she is a CAS worker in her career. She sees a mess in my kitchen and livingroom and she shakes her head. “Oh, ” I say “if you were inspecting my house you’d say I’m unfit to raise a daughter in this but because you’re my friend you get it that I’m just a single mom doing my best with a very limited budget and I’m not a bad person or a bad parent.”

She started doing some dishes in the sink to help out and she nodded, “Yes.” I had said exactly the truth and she knew it!

One thought on “Dream: A CAS worker is my Friend”

  1. A house is a metaphor for Self. This dream seems to be about remembering the old self which felt limited and judged. Our culture has the strong threat to parents that if they don’t have a clean house they may lose their children and other arbitrary things like that which cause an agency to apprehend children unlawfully. The dreamer is friends with the negative behaviour and it is transformed. Instead of judging or reporting me, the CAS worker helps to do dishes. So this dream is showing the remembered state of feeling judged but also the new state of not being judged anymore and of being supported.


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