Dreams: Ah-ha Moment, rage, photos

  • A man finished watching TV and as he came away I said to myself, his wife was the reason he behaved in a negative way…she was to blame more than anyone else. She was the evil one.
  • I was at a huge gathering and people were giving gifts away – A man who was related to my ex gave $200 to everyone but when it came time for me he said he ran out and was sorry. I got really angry because he could have given everyone less in order to give me some. I rattled off something inappropriate to him and went into another room where there was a lot of food and started eating. I said someone had done something which hurt me and they gave me sympathy. But then the shelf with all their food & supplies fell down.
  • There was another scene where we were going up into a room and taking pictures, looking at pictures from the past and making images for people in the future.

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