Dreaming About Other People: Understanding the Metaphor

19 June 2017

Dreamwork is the process of using the messages of dreams to understand the Self. When someone else shows up in a dream it means the part of the dreamer which is like the other person in the dream wants to interact with the dreamer. The key to unlocking the mystery and to growth is to understand what is the message of the other person and how to interact so there can be growth.

Here is an example:

In the dream, I am on the phone with a guy I am close friends with. He’s asking me to be with him and I have a lot of excuses why not but he’s persistent. In the end of the dream I say, “Yes.”

So what this means is that the part of my Self which is like this person wants to be closer to me now.

The dreamwork process is about understanding with more depth what part of my Self is like this friend and then figuring out how can I get closer metaphorically.

This friend works in housing & construction. In a dream, the symbol of constructing a house is about building & repairing the Self.

So the dream is essentially telling me that the part of me that is good at constructing and repairing can get closer with the part of me who writes on blogs.

It’s a good sign of positive things to come!


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