Dream: Bathroom contraption & Rose Quartz Hearts

In the dream, I’m with O.A. in his apartment. His dad is there in the hallway, upset. O.A. brings me into his room, covers me up with a white blanket, puts sunglasses where my face should be and then when his dad asks he makes a joke about the glasses on the blanket looking like a cartoon character.

In the next dream, I am with O.A. and we are in a large department store. We are getting along well but things are chaotic. I’m trying to find a parking spot and then when I find a temporary one I go looking for a permanent one and then cant remember where I put the car temporarily.

He’s chatting away with people and I’m trying to think of where things are and how to get to where we are going.

At one point, I go in to use the washroom and it’s set up like a college dorm. It’s messy. When I’m using the toilet it’s like a science contraption and the urine stream is just flowing into this contraption which then spins around like the game mouse trap.

When I stand up, the room is spinning. I think to myself how this is like when I was a child. I didn’t know I needed glasses and when things would go blurry or distance was distorted I wouldn’t know what was wrong. Now I know and I played with it a little bit.

It wasn’t scary, just disorientating.

Eventually I got out of there and met up with OA again and then I saw my old friend S.W. had engraved some rose quartz hearts with simple designs which were rather pretty and she was selling them on the main counter/table. I was proud of her.

We found the exit and left.

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