Intimacy in a dream is about merging with new qualities and not to be taken literally

21 April 2017

Sometimes an image comes up in a dream and while it works in the dream it wouldn’t work in real life and is not meant to. The dream world is a metaphoric world of symbols which can be thought of as either a world within the mind of the dreamer or a world outside of the physical which is explored when sleeping. Either way, when something happens in a dream, such as partaking of alcohol or sleeping with a married man, these things are meant to be symbols and not to be taken literally. 

Drinking alcohol is a symbol for becoming intoxicated with the Joys of Life and sexual dreams are symbols of merging with a certain quality or characteristic of an individual.

In the dream I share in this post, I am becoming very close with a man who has qualities of excellence, strength and empathy in real life. It means these qualities are also developing in me. In real life he has a wife and his wife shows up in the dream. She sees we are emotionally closer than she and her husband are. 

There may be some truth to this. It can happen that friends can be more emotionally closer than life partners. 

These profound feelings of the heart are not often shared in a public forum in this way but that is one of the outcomes of healing through dreamwork. 

When we realize the metaphoric messages in the dream and give some attention to the growth of the positives then the feeling is a lot like falling in love, but it is more about falling in love with life, than with any one particular person. 

More specifically, it is about discovering more and more positive qualities and gifts in your Self all the time and experiencing life getting increasingly better all the time. 


In the dream, I am sitting beside someone on a couch and we love each other.

At the beginning we just touch finger tips but then he wraps his arm around me and I wrap mine around him and we sit there together. His wife comes by, who is like Olive Oil in the Popeye series, and she sees and realizes that we are closer than they could ever be and she starts to busy herself with chattering and gossiping and moving around knick-nacks from a rummage sale.

I thought he would want me to back away but he just held me tighter. He showed me that he had collected my scrap book from a yard sale and there were memorable items from my childhood. When I saw what he did it really moved me. No one “got me” like he did before.  So I stayed in his arms and hugged tighter.


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