Dream: Handling a Rattlesnake

18 April 2017

In the dream, I am handling a blacker-than-black rattlesnake. 

It was curled up in a ball at first but then came out. I am teaching someone how to handle it, how to hold its head so it can’t do a lethal bite. For a brief moment it gets its fangs in but then I slowly pull them out and its under my control.

My mom takes it and wants to make it look like she is as good as I am at handling snakes but she isn’t. She fumbles with it and puts it over her head and it wiggles all around agitated.

The pain in my hand from the bite is brief. 

The first thing I think about when a snake appears in a dream is CHANGE.

The nature of the change is revealed in the dream itself.

Since I feel physical pain in the dream it is a signal to me that I will experience a degree of pain during the change or transformation that is coming up. However, I really have a good handle on this kind of thing now.

The dream is a reminder that I can tolerate a high-degree of discomfort and still be okay with it, and I can even be clear-headed enough to teach others, even those who show out-right refusal to engage in learning, growth or real change.



2 thoughts on “Dream: Handling a Rattlesnake”

  1. In the dream your mom believes she is as good as you in handling poisonous snakes, but she isn’t. While your process of change has pain in it, in her process she is doing things that are going to lead to others being harmed. She demonstrates that she has too much confidence in the dream and not enough competence. It makes it dangerous for everyone. You have to stay away from that kind of energy so that you and those closed to you do not get harmed. She needs to start her own process of change which probably should be in therapy.


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